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*Results from an ad hoc analysis of the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE system demonstrated that 95% of the total results were within ±8.4 mg/dL  or ±8.4% of the YSI reference glucose values (YSI Life Sciences, Inc., Yellow Springs, OH) for subject-obtained capillary  fingertip results from subjects with diabetes for samples with glucose concentrations <100 mg/dLand ≥100 mg/dL, respectively.

95% of the measured glucose values shall fall within either ±15 mg/dL of the average measured values of the reference  measurement procedure at glucose concentrations <100 mg/dL or within ±15% at glucose concentrations ≥100 mg/dL4

§ ISO 15197:2013 accuracy standards allow an error margin of ±15 mg/dL at glucose concentrations <100 mg/dL or ±15% at glucose concentrations ≥100 mg/dL .4