For anyone dealing with diabetes, high or low blood glucose, the choices you make everyday affect your ability to manage your condition.

CONTOUR®NEXT ONE has partnered with Certified Diabetes Educator Angela Ginn-Meadow to help you “Be Blood Sugar Smart!” Each day you are faced with difficult options regarding food, activity and lifestyle choices. “What would you do?” is a series of informative videos, infographics and content to provide tips and advice for living your healthiest life. Check back often as we post new content, or follow our social feeds to be alerted each time we share something new.

Always consult your healthcare provider prior to making changes to you exercise, diet or treatment regimen

Exercise – Low Glucose


What would you do if your exercise plans change?

Imagine this…you’re mid workout and you start to feel weak and shaky. What would you do? CDE Angela Ginn-Meadow offers tips for situations when your blood glucose is low.

Exercise – Unplanned


Do you know how to “Be Blood Sugar Smart?”

Unplanned activities can negatively impact blood glucose levels – CDE Angela Ginn-Meadow reminds you to have fast acting carbs to offset the impact of the unplanned activities.

Ice Cream

What would you do when everyone wants ice cream?

Summer season = ice cream season! Portion matters just as much as the type of ice cream-CDE Angela Ginn Meadow reminds you to track your portions to "Be Blood Sugar Smart!"

Vision Issues

Do you know how to “Be Blood Sugar Smart?”

CDE Angela Ginn-Meadow offers tips and advice in a series of helpful videos.  In today’s installment, Angela discusses new symptoms related to your condition.  What would you do?

Sweaty & Shaky

What would you do?

CDE Angela Ginn-Meadow reminds you that preventing low blood sugar is as important as monitoring high levels. It’s all part of being “Blood Sugar Smart!”

Where are my shoes

What if you’ve forgotten your shoes?

Being prepared is half the battle! Here are some tips to make sure you can exercise anywhere, anytime! CDE Angela Ginn-Meadow offers tips for managing changes in your routine.

Asian Takeout

What do you do on takeout food night?

It’s your favorite… Asian takeout night! Making sure you’re ordering the right thing can be tricky – CDE Angela Ginn-Meadow is here to help with tips to ”Be Blood Sugar Smart!”

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